Liturgy of Ritual Execution

by Embodied Torment

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Oubliette 04:17
Seized by apocalyptic fervor Cast down into the forgotten chamber Devoid of light in the Oubliette Humiliated and bereft Condemned to inhabit my thoughts My last companions Remains of those who came before me Left to fester in the cryptic earth A corpse-foetor permeates the cold stone The Queen's hungry mouth And bulging, demonic eyes Await me in the grave My title affords me such pleasure As to languish in oblivion Nay, I long for the headsman And the mercy of steel upon the nape How many months have passed Since the sun shone upon me? Perchance to inquire of the vermin Relieving my casque of this flesh More than I require here Ruminating in my limbs Worms shriek for my essence Their voices swirl around me A blanket of crawling insects I bequeath to them this putrid bounty She visits me again Mocking me from the door above I turn towards the abysmal depths Reaching for interminable silence
Forlorn and beset by grief She receives visions in the form of morbid dreams An ethereal durance... The ordeal of a tainted soul Luring the innocent one down to the river With soft whispers and melodious tune Before long a shard of jagged stone Offers the prostrate figure up as a sacrifice Cracked pate rendering its bounteous ichor The bellows of the infant, In the firmament finds quietus It weakens under the alluring swell Uplifted by spiritual provocation Deliverance given unto the infanticide They convene over the despondent one. A tribunal of canons Through this holy anointing, by His most tender mercy I am convened to His eternal embrace Now the executioner's block awaits me In a stone cell do I confess my crime This blood upon my hands is salvation Blissfully do I go to the gibbet Knowing I will be one with the angels No salvation from the assembled The roaring crowd greets me at the scaffold
Pustules of an indiscernible mass, writhing spasmodically, watch it roil. Adhered by bilious fluid, the corpse becomes entrenched, in the virus of subjugation, externally digested fermented in existential terror, providing sustenance to the parasite, whose corpulence now dominates it. the vile womb ruptures desiccated waste, no longer fit to feast upon, despoiled and evacuated. The cryptic Earth razed under beating morbid wings, and carpeted with remains, like an inconceivable ossuary, relics of a beleaguered past. The host remains adjunct to its history, unknowingly harboring fallacies of its freedom. Abandoned, only the human husk by-stands Its forlorn destruction.
Kyphonism 03:41
Kyphonism Wrought in all humanity Which is ungodliness Incarnate flesh Act as fools Bring up the meat hook Of fetid disease Swine Of fetid disease Swine Retribution Perceived by a heart so Fueled by greed and despair Thieves to transgress the community Feudal aristocracy Tyranny of an age, public torture Means to intimidate the population Limbs twisted in a mockery Of the human form A twisted kyphotic mass Subject to a mask full of honey Suffering the bees The mercies of the warping bone Bent upon the block Wove in lattices, split into ruin All fear instilled by the wood restraints We stay swollen, self righteousness
Rädern 03:05
A great number were clustered together There was a prisoner to be broken upon the wheel Idle gazers did press to gape upon him Guilty of murdering his infant daughter with an axe Great multitudes flocked to the place of execution He came on foot with a priest And his executioners crossed the drawbridge Ascending a mount of earth That all may see the execution a mile round The hangmen take each a small halter Holding the prisoner upon his back Then the Arch-hangman The great Master of this mighty business Took up a prodigious wheel Lifting it by the spokes A mighty stroke beat the poor wretch's limbs into pieces Four main blows on his breast, Burst all his bulk and chest in shivers, Lastly he smote his neck, and burst his jaws to mammocks; The broken mangled corpse, spread on the wheel A post thrust into the wheel, And fixed it to the earth, There the carcass lay to be consumed By ravening fowls
This sublime firmament, our collective reality The fruit of genocide, the slaughter of millions By the providence of God. They too will fall to their knees in supplication Worship of the bloody handed one Whose religion so easily makes a yoke about the neck Instrument of destiny Countless bodies, a mulch for the ground Upon which holy men may walk No level of abasement No degree of slaughter, may call into question The divinity of this mission, when the angelic host Did create this unspoiled verdure For the refreshment of his chosen people. Why forever did they populate it with vermin of sullied visage? A matter of swift correction, some will be forced into pens The fortunate human cattle, those who came after By industrial conveyance Are slowly bereft and gradually merged Into a mass of human meat Bones ground into fine dust By the weight of centuries. Aeons of suffering The last will be denied even the meager inheritance of their kin. They will not survive what is to come. The end of all mercy Upon the earth At last.
From the ruined walls of Harfleur Where countless noble sons were made shackled wretches And the Pays de Caux was ruined Many fortresses razed Across the Somme to Hedin Pursued by ten thousand men-at-arms The army of the King At Vespers, the two armies were in sight of each other The French were joined by the mightiest dukes Who each brought his war host Resolved to stand or fall with them in battle On that day they were drawn up in the order of war In the Valley of Agincourt With battle lines arrayed The vanguard broke upon the enemy Countless were suffocated by the weight of those behind them Trampled by their own horse in the thick mud Sundered chapel of iron The shower of arrows fell upon them so thickly that they were compelled to retreat amongst their own people It was then a pitiful sight to behold the dead and the wounded who covered the field and the number of men-at-arms who turned and fled ...proclamation was made that each man should put to death his prisoner, except the nobles and for this cause many prisoners were put to death In rites of unspeakable suffering The dead were interred in the wretched earth Culled from heaps of mangled carrion Thrones of the Slain
Judas Cradle 02:00
Hanging high above the Inquisitors gathered Below ropes and shackles twitch in anticipation Placed upon the throne designed not for rules But the sinful wretch A belt fastened around the waist hoisted over the Cradle and lowered spike fixed under the spine Ropes attached to the feet rocked back and forth Questioned on faith weights shackled to the limbs Intense interrogation,spike set deep within the Flesh reducing the spine to pulp immense pain Fills the body with every tremor of the ropes Raised once again... LYRICS BY BRODEQUIN


"Haunting live atmosphere, unique and intelligent song composition, combined with pure blasting brutality."-New Standard Elite

"Raw, fast-paced brutal death metal for fans of Brodequin, Liturgy, Orchidectomy, Heinous Killings and Orchidectomy. Check it out!" - Contorted Mind

"This four-piece band from Sacramento, California delivers real brutal deathgrind straight to your face like bands used to play in the beginning of the 2000s... a 9.5 out of 10, a really cool album in this old way like Brodequin stuff spiced up with new elements, this cool touch of this dark atmosphere." - Dani Zed

"This is an album I would recommend highly to those who like brutal death metal. It is an exceedingly good album with some amazing songs on there that make you just want to bang your head!" - Gore and More Reviews

"I can not help thinking that this is one of the best albums released recently by New Standard Elite, at least by a young band, constituting a remarkable success in its catalog and a clear breath of fresh air..." 8.5/10 - XTreem Music

"Embodied Torment just delivers a successful debut fucking album and is highly recommended to all fucking sickos! Amazing Torturing Fucking Piece of Musical Agony! 9/10" - Sick Reviews


released May 31, 2015

Written and performed by Embodied Torment. Recorded by Joaquin Chavez at the Guillotine in Sacramento, Winter 2014. Artwork by Paolo Girardi, Logo by Cindy Chaco, Mixed and Mastered by Sasha Borovykh at Tsun Tsun Productions, Layout by New Standard Elite.


all rights reserved



Embodied Torment Sacramento, California

Brutal, blasting death metal monstrosity formed in Sacramento in 2011. Debut album to be released on New Standard Elite in 2015.

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